Sunday, October 26, 2008

No Place Like Home

So I got home early Friday morning. I was so tired. While I was in California, it was go go go until I dropped into bed at the hotel each night.

Being with Mom was different than other times. God really blessed me with a lot of compassion and grace and patience... well, the patience was running out but I called home and Emily prayed with me and the patience tank was filled up again. I loved being able to bless mom. I cleaned her house, did laundry, and made a bunch of dinners to put in her freezer for later.

Her injuries were, well, I really don't know. I never saw the doctor. And though he came to check on Mom a couple of times, she doesn't even know the extent of her injuries. When I got to the hospital on Sunday evening, she had all these rods sticking out of her arm. 11 of them I think, or 13? Anyway, after her surgery on Monday, they took all the rods out. She has pins in her elbow, but we don't know how many. She can bend her elbow, and is even encouraged to do so, but it's freaky to do so, knowing that you have all this metal inside holding you together. The hand on the arm that was broken - wait that's not right, we found out that her other elbow is also has a fracture! So let me put it this way, on the arm with the most damage, her hand has swollen up like a water balloon. It's scary really. I was joking that we could prick it with a pin and let the pressure out but mom said she thinks it would blow out if we did, so we threw that idea out. Mom is in good spirits despite the pain and the inconvenience.

All I know is that she is off work for 4 months. 4 months!! Sheesh, what is she going to do? I wish she could come stay with us for some of the time. But I am so thankful that I was able to come down and help her out. I think it helped our relationship. It felt good to honor her, and I am hoping that she is beginning to see that she is a very valuable, loved, and special person to many.

I also got to know a wonderful young woman named Shelly who was mom's hospital roommate. She was in after having surgery for Diverticulitis and was in quite a bit of pain. The hospital staff were not very responsive to either Mom or Shelly and it was frustrating to see these women go without necessary things like water and food. I offered to help Shelly when I heard her moaning in pain one evening and that began a quick friendship. Every morning I would come, saying "good morning, ladies" and Shelly would say, "where have you been?" I loved visiting with her and mom. Shelly has been through a lot in her life, but is going to church and trying to live a life that reflects her values. I am proud of her and so blessed by getting to know her. We exchanged contact information and I intend to keep in contact with this wonderful woman.

I also got to visit with my grandparents who live approximately an hour from the airport. I drove up there on the day I left and we had a short but sweet visit. I just love my grandpa and grandma and we have recently been reconciled after a long period of not talking (my fault). So good to see them and be at their house. It is a very special place to me.

But the best place? HOME! I smiled when I saw my van in the parking lot at the Spokane Airport. Surprised I missed it, because I really really liked the cute rental car I had. But seeing the van was like knowing I'm home. I got home late and slept in the next day, so I didn't actually see my girls until the afternoon, but I was so glad to see them, and I think they were just as happy to see me. Phil did a wonderful job as Dad and as he filled-in for me. Thanks to Stephanie Elliott and Kim Weber for getting my kids home from school and to dance class. I know that helped Phil so much. And it put my mind at ease too!

I still haven't gotten back into routine, but I will by Monday morning... the schedule doesn't give me much choice! Right now, I am just enjoying being home.

PS Thanks to all who asked about Mom. She has no idea the amount of people asking about and praying for her. It would blow her away if she knew. Keep up the prayers. She still needs them!

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