Thursday, October 2, 2008

Missing My Man

Oh how I miss this guy... (This photo brings to mind a thousand thoughts... and a smile to my face!) Phil has been in Washington DC for 5 days now and I miss him. We've been doing ok, the girls and I, but there is something about him being so far away that I am really uncomfortable with. I don't know how wives/husbands who have spouses overseas in the military can do it. The idea that something could go wrong here or there and neither of us can be there to take care of it.

What is kind of funny to me is that I was a single mom for over 9 years. I handled things myself. I maintained the house, the chores, the etc. I still do a lot of that now, but the one thing I don't like that I somehow "handled just fine," is the night. I don't like being home alone without my man to protect us. Even the girls are just a little bit insecure... so I guess there is something in that belief that women desire security. When your security flies three thousand miles away, you get just a bit jittery!

But I see a blessing in all of this, and this is why: I remember again how much I really need to rely on God. He truly is my real security, my only hope, my faithful protector, provider, and comfort. He alone is constantly with me. It makes me sad that I forget that, as I look to my husband to fulfill my needs. As I learned at Family Camp this summer, "Thank you Jesus: for my husband, and my kids, and my home. Thank you Jesus, for this opportunity, to give you the praise for, all you have done." (You have to sing it to really get it!) Oh yes, and "Thank You Jesus, for my man now, won't you please bring him, safely home?"

One last thing: we are in a "40 Days" campaign at church, this one focusing on generosity. At small group we agreed to focus on our blessings this week. To think of them, and even to write them down in a journal/notebook. So I am thankful for the chance to recognize that I am blessed in having a wonderfully devoted husband. And a wonderfully devoted God too! (And a thousand other things I am not going to make you read about, which is a blessing for you! haha)

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Kim said...

Wow can I relate this week...and my guy wasn't even really gone! He started his new job, and just the idea that I couldn't call him up 3 times a day or chat with him on was kinda sad. Plus he works up on the no coming home for lunch. But you're right...having to do this once in a while is good for us. Makes us appreciate them more, and makes us rely on God more. See you Sunday!