Sunday, November 2, 2008

Great New Read

I am in the middle of reading "The Shack." It's been talked about quite a bit and I finally broke down and bought it. Phil devoured it in less than 2 days and now it's my turn. It seemed slow going at first, but that was because it challenged some of my perceptions of things/people. Now I can hardly put the book down. It really is that good!

I am looking forward to discussing the book with Phil when I am done reading it. If you have read it, please comment me. I would love to find others to discuss it with. What are you getting out of it? How has it challenged you?

Other than that, life is boring here. Just house cleaning and grape juice/jelly making time and me vacuuming up leaves almost every day. Honestly, I love this time of year... the rain, the dark gray clouds, the Hot Cocoa!!! Oh, and I got to hold the most beautiful baby boy I have ever seen... I will post pictures someday. You will want to kiss his precious little cheeks. He's just that sweet!


Kim said...

Kay well don't hate me, but I didn't love The Shack...I know I'm probably in a huge minority. I posted on my blog last year about it so if you want to read my thoughts in greater detail you can enter the shack in the search field on my blog.

I'm glad you're getting good stuff out of it! How did your hair cuts go yesterday? Your little family is so cute. Is it always like that? All chatty and giggly? All those girls, I bet it is!

Andrea said...

I loved it but never finished it...I have a problem with finishing books...I am working on that issue in my life ;o) Anyway, I think I need to go back and start over. Hope all is well with you! I finally posted some new pics! You will have to come visit again. Church has been great...we are finally upstairs.