Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hey Y'all

Howdy. Been awhile. Summer is in full swing at our house and we are sooo busy. And yet, I seem to find ways to avoid all the things I need to be doing. Admit it, you do it too! And who can blame us? With such gorgeous weather (although a little too hot lately) why stay inside and clean bathrooms? Though if I don't mop the floor in the kitchen soon, I am afraid I might walk in and find my husband or one of the girls stuck permanently to one of a few sticky spots I have noticed lately...

Life's been so busy lately! Oh, I said that already didn't I? I will list our many activities cause there have been so many...

Phil is hard at work on our basement remodel. God help me learn to trust the man... I am forever trying to "suggest" that he hire someone to do certain things. But he is working so hard and it has been turning out just fine. We finally got our building permit from the city and so he is happy as a clam (sidenote: why are clams so happy?) and has been going gung-ho (what does that mean anyway?). What I mean is that now that we have permission from the local authorities, Phil has been busy cutting up the concrete in our basement. First, part of the floor was cut so that we (haha) can install plumbing for the new bathroom. So here is where it really gets interesting: The saw is gas powered with a garden hose attached. GAS POWERED means EXHAUST. Phil's got the one window downstairs wide open and the door at the top of the stairs open and yet the basement is filling up with exhaust. It is pouring out of the window and I am standing outside the window trying to watch and breathing it all in and getting so high and so sick, and yet he is STILL IN THERE cutting up the stupid floor!!! So I turn on the a/c fan trying to add some fresher air to the mix and all that does is suck it back into the rest of the house... Needless to say, Phil and I were up until 3 am because we were so sick. We just laid there that night... I think our brains were keeping us awake so we could keep breathing... or else lights out forever! Thankfully we were able to get some fresh air circulating about then and cleared out the house. Only to have Phil, fresh from a good night's rest (not) start cutting on the foundation wall so we can put in an egress window. Fortunately, I had brains enough to go to Hahn rental where I got a huge ventilator fan that sucked the exhaust right out of there. Phil has more cutting to do but this will take place outside. Unfortunately for him, it is supposed to be 100+ degrees today and that side of the house is a dry barren wasteland. Ugh...

I have been keeping busy with kids and volunteering. The kids crave structure so I try to find a way to provide some. Every year before school is out I think up ways to keep them fairly occupied but allow some freedom. Every year once school is out I scrap it all and we end up doing close to nothing but getting on each other's nerves. Thankfully, some other moms have gotten a routine going where we go to a park every Wed morning. This is working well and gives us a base activity to work around. I have also found some fun things to do on other days (kids matinee movie, aquatic center, bike rides, crafts, etc).

I was able to squeeze in to a scrap retreat upriver and had a great time. It was a different mix of women than I am used to (my regular scrap divas were not there with me) and it made for interesting dynamics. The cabins we stayed in are cute and the lodge was spacious (I wasn't there the day the a/c quit, haha). I really liked that the retreat center is a place that has been dedicated to the Lord and that there were signs/posters/knick knacks to remind you of such. No alchohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs are allowed and I felt comforted by that. I have had issues with drinking in the past and it is a horrible temptation for me, so while I understand others can indulge, I cannot really even be around it. I felt safe because I knew it wasn't anywhere around us. Jamie was there and had a great mix of tunes for us to listen to. She can be our DJ anytime! I was able to get some layouts done even though I forgot certain things (which my sweet hubby brought to Asotin or drove all the way out to me). No pressure, no overwhelming need to make my layouts a certain way (although I was informed that hot pink is not a good background color unless you want to use it as a way to reflect moonlight in order to find your way to your cabin at 3 am - thanks for the idea!) I also learned about Special Ice (if I was smart enough, I could link to Jamie's blog where you can read all about it) In short, I had a lot of laughter-infused fun! Kristi, let's do it again!

I have been keeping up with volunteering and such as well, but that will be another blog entry. I absolutely must find other ways to avoid what I really should be doing. Oh snap, I think someone is stuck to the kitchen floor. It was inevitable. Better get the mop...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Little Bit Sad

I am sad. A friend of mine, Andrea, is moving tomorrow to Missoula Montana. She is part of a team that is planting a church there. I am excited for them, but it makes me sad to see her go.

Another friend, Jamie, had a close friend pass away suddenly. It was her dog, and she blogged about him often. Though I never had the pleasure of visiting with him, I felt like I knew him through her posts. It always hurts to have a friend pass on. It reminds me of the many times I have lost my doggie friends. So I am thinking of Jamie tonight as well.

Other than that, I am a little sad because I thought I had been doing better with my eating habits and exercise and so I went ahead and weighed myself. YIKES. I really did think I had lost a pound or two, literally. NOPE I gained a few. It makes me very discouraged. Will I be chubby forever? I know it is affecting my health but I can't seem to break through. This is one of those times when I just want to give up (and go eat a Snickers bar).

What do you do when you are discouraged? I have tried "willpower" (aka "trying harder") and Weight Watchers. Neither are things I can stick with. Any ideas are welcomed... :o)