Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bunco Night and a Tired Mind rambles

The ladies were in fine form tonight! From discussions about post-baby weight to scrapping to blogging, we had a lot of fun. The discussion about blogging got me thinking that I need to blog more (I only wish I had more to say!) and I need to be checking out all these other blogs.

I checked out Andrea Moser's blog and I love her family photos! It will be exciting to read more about the big move to Montana to establish our new church there.

I also checked out Jamie's blog and have been reading it for the past hour or so. It is now 2:45 am! But her writing style is hilarious. Just like she is in person. I really enjoy her. At first she was intimidating, but I realize now that the whole Bunco group seemed pretty exclusive when I first came. However, they are seeming to accept me now and I am having more fun each week.

This week Jamie and I hosted. She brought the prizes and the candy. She learned her lesson that at Bunco night, the candy in demand is chocolate. Read about it in her blog here: http://jamieandtnt.blogspot.com/2008/04/my-sex-deprived-bunco-girls.html . Warning: her blog is addictive and prone to late night cackling.

I am getting to know the ladies and I am sad that we only have one more Bunco night next month and then we take the summer off. Don't they know that the summer is when I need a break most? Having the kids all day long for weeks at a time and you cut my social outing? Are you trying to make me crazy?

I really should go to bed now. I have to be up in 4 hours to take the kids to school. Thank goodness they are self-sufficient. No, I don't make them breakfast or make their lunches or get out the clothes for them. I sleep in until 5 minutes before they need to leave for school. Then I throw on a hat and shoes and a jacket over my jammies and off we go. Usually the man takes the kids to school but he is in Spokane at an annual equipment auction with his brother so it's my turn to take the kids. Maybe I will even go to the gym! Ha... like that's gonna happen! Oh wait, I have a half a Snickers bar in the car. I can eat that for breakfast and then go work off the calories at the gym! Yes!

Alright, I am off to fold the last load of laundry before it gets all wrinkled and I have to throw a wet towel in to steam the wrinkles out only to forget to unload the darn thing again later and start the whole stupid process again. Which is why I am folding clothes at 3 am. Because I already started this dumb process.

I am tired. Can you tell? Sweet dreams and happy folding!