Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday Truth

Some people have Friday Facts, others have Thursday Thirteen. I have decided to go with Tuesday Truth (because it's Tuesday and I really don't know what to write about and don't have a nifty day-related post). So here goes:

Scrapbook retreats freak me out. I never know what to bring, what to do, how to do it, where to put it, etc. I get paralyzed just sitting there looking at photos... what paper should I use, what kind of layout works with the photos I have, where are we, who are these people, etc.

And yet, I am counting the hours until I get to go. And I know how the first 2 hours will (probably) go: Bring everything to the scrap room. Get organized. Drink lots of Diet Pepsi. Get photos out. Stare at them. Chat and chat some more. Go to the bathroom. Stroll by the snack table. Sit down and stare at photos and (inwardly) curse myself for the total lack of creativity in my person. Push papers around, dig through magazine pages and curse myself again for not scrapping like the real pros do...

I love scrap retreats.

Why? No husband to share bed with. No house to clean. No food to cook. No schedule to keep. Just me, my friends, and photos of my family which I will soon be missing (and calling on my cell phone the second I have one measly bar of service)...

I will get pages done. They will look fantastic - and not anything like the magazines - and that's ok!

37 hours until we hit the road! Woo hoo!

PS I won't be checking anyone's blog or Facebook the entire time. I might go insane because I am addicted. And that's the Tuesday Truth.

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