Sunday, February 17, 2008

Been A While

I have thought about posting, but haven't, obviously. I should be folding laundry which is in the dryer for the second time to steam out the wrinkles because I didn't fold it soon enough the first time. Actually, I have about a hundred (not exaggerating!) other things to do but I have been nearly addicted to the Internet, just not to blogging...

Anyway, the husband is away visiting with his brothers and I miss him. His girls and my girl are surprisingly getting along well today. It is always hard when his girls come home from a visit with Mom. Somehow, by God's grace, they assimilated back into life at home really well. I was worried because Phil wasn't going to be home that they would be somewhat irritated that they have to hang with me alone, but so far so good.

I have been working out but not as much as when I began a little over a month ago. My weight has been going up because I eat more thinking I have "earned" it by working out. I need to stop eating so much. Valentine's has really hurt me this year. I just have no willpower! CANDY is my weakness. And I seem to have surrounded myself with it, and cupcakes too. At least I ate something healthy today: pizza! Hahaha (Hey it's healthy when you compare it to candy!)

It's late and someone is up and about (freaks me out when I don't hear them get up but I hear them stumping around about the house!). I need to go fold clothes so I don't have to run them through the dryer for another half hour (causing me to stay up, play solitaire and eat more candy).

In the words of the great philosopher Tigger: TTFN (Ta Ta For Now)