Sunday, October 19, 2008

Our Party of 5 is not feeling like a party right now

Just to let you know, I will be absent from Blogland for a while. Mom had a crash with her bicycle last Thursday. It just happened to be her birthday and she was out riding her bike when along came a vehicular death machine (car) who cut her off, forcing her to slam on brakes, which of course, caused her to end-o. She ended up with (I think) multiple compound fractures to her left arm. (Whatever all that means) All I know is that she said that "when (she) came to" people were all around and her arm was dangling like a noodle from her elbow. She also said that the bones were sticking out of her skin. Gross (but I have always wanted to see that)

Anyway, she had surgery on Friday and is having another on Monday. I really felt like I needed to be there. I used some frequent flyer miles we have been hoarding and I am flying out Sunday afternoon. I am busy trying to get life all tied up pretty for Phil this week while I am gone, and it is hard because I have been gone to scrap retreat all weekend. I came home early so I could get scheduling and laundry taken care of. Of all weeks, this is an extremely hectic one, so I am going to call around on Monday and cancel (almost) all of our appointments.

One appointment not cancelled is for Melanie at the orthodontist's... She is finally getting her braces off, and to tell the truth (though it isn't Tuesday) I am sad that I won't be there. For me, it's a milestone. Like walking. You coax and steady and encourage your little one to walk and all of a sudden the kid is running laps around your kitchen island laughing because...well because she can. Anyway, this is a milestone in the same way: I coaxed, encouraged, bribed, threatened and forced Melle to wear her rubber bands, to brush her teeth, to wear her rubber bands and FINALLY I am, I mean Melle is, getting the reward - braces off on Tuesday! Yay!!

But coming home on Thursday and seeing those braces off will be like picking up your kid from daycare and having the 19 year old "teacher" tell you that your precious daughter took her first steps today while you were at work. Ugh... Kind of sad.

Anyway, I will not be blogging, no Facebooking, nothing for a while. I plan on being back in less than a week, but I have no idea what the treatment is like for Mom's injury, so I need to know in order to help get her life in some order before I go. It really is hard when you have few people in your area to help you in times like this. There are some places/people I will be contacting to try to help her out while I am there.

For those of you who pray, please do. Mom needs it and so do I. I have been feeling quite down lately and while this is a diversion from the daily grind, this "depression" is wearing me down. I have family and friends who also have family members battling cancer, mental health problems, and a close friend who had a close call with some health issues too. My man will definitely need prayer now that he has to shuttle the kids around to different places at different times. I know it will be hard for him, and my girls too. Finally, I am afraid of how Melle is going to take me being gone and my mom being in the hospital. Melle used to be quite attached to "grammee" and to have her injured and her own mom not here to comfort her fears will be difficult. So pray for my family if you will, I would certainly appreciate it.

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Kristi O said...

I am praying for you all! I hope you enjoy your time with your mom and hurry home!