Sunday, October 5, 2008

He's Home and He's All Mine!

My man is home. What a relief. Although I did worry that he had a new woman. (Not that I don't trust him, but...) Do you ever do this:

Man is coming into airport and sees you and gives a wave. He does NOT come over and plant a good one on ya, while squeezing your bod and finish by whispering sweet nothings. Since that did not meet your hopeful expectations, your mind goes crazy with stupid thoughts like, "he has a new woman" or "I must look terribly fat in these capris" or "I bet his new woman doesn't look terribly fat in her capris."

When my man goes on these trips to conferences many miles away, he comes home pooped. I mean so pooped he barely knows his name or where he is or anything. The fact that he gave me a wave as he walked in the airport should be my cue to praise him for even recognizing and remembering that he has a wife! But no, I am caught up in some romantic reunion in my brain and so when he doesn't sweep me into his arms, my thoughts go crazy!

No, the man doesn't have anyone else. Just me and my silly thoughts. And he loves me anyway. Even after I ask him "do you have another?" "do I look fat in these capris?"
He just laughs at my ridiculousness and hugs me. That's better... I am satisfied that I am his one and only. I'll give him a day for recuperating, but then he better start sweeping. (Me into his arms that is, since I already cleaned house for his arrival!)

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Kristi O said...

I am glad he's home! I really am. now enjoy him