Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hello? Anyone here? Should there be?

Just checking to see if anyone actually reads this. Not that I check it every day for comments or anything. I didn't even start this blog with the idea that others would read it. It was to be a diary of whatevers for me to able to think about, mull over, contemplate, and get off my chest.

But then I got hooked on writing for an audience. That was never my intention, but my good friend Pride showed up and said "Hey, you should try impressing people... write something interesting." So I tried. I tried to be clever; wise; funny. I forgot that I was writing for the act of expressing.

So, Pride, I am kicking you to the curb. If no one ever reads my blog or comments or gives me a tag or award, that's okay. Stop trying to make me feel guilty or lesser for it! If others don't find bits and pieces of my life a masterpiece in progress, that's ok, because I already know it is. At that point, it becomes a recognition of God's handiwork, not my own. So here's the Tonya Harding moment... knocking Pride in the knees... time to be humbled!

God, I thank you that what you are making of my life is a masterpiece. It may look disjointed and messy to me, but you are doing something amazing. Thanks for reminding me. I know what a screw-up I may seem to the world, but I do my best and you give me an A for effort. All I need to do is live to please you. Give me the courage to do just that!

Aaah.. that feels better.


Kristi O said...

I read your blog everyday silly girl!!!

Andrea said...

I too read your blog....but I am not always a good comment leaver ;o) But keep on writing sista...because it is a good way to keep up with my friends from Lewiston that I miss so dearly ;o) And good for you for kicking that pride to the curb...I have to do that daily ;o)

P.S. If you take that silly word verification off it makes it easier for people to leave! Jamie L. told me I had to remove mine if I wanted comments from people ;o)

Dawn said...

thanks ladies! I think it's great that you read my silly blog and leave me sweet comments; I am learning that it's ok if people don't comment. I wrote this post because it seemed all I was doing was checking to see if I had any comments... that shouldn't have been my intention in the first place.

Kim said...

I'm a reader, too, Dawn darlin. It's easy to write for the readers...I know sometimes someone will tell me they read my blog and I never thought they were...and I immediately go back and think through what I've written lately and wondering how it struck them...or more often if it offended them somehow! Sometimes I think the best part of heaven is leaving this stupid self-conscousness we are forever battling down be, for the first time, 100% Christ-conscious. Come quickly Lord!