Friday, March 6, 2009

Old Man Winter is Not Dead Yet

I love the weather we have in the valley. Well, all except the times when it's hotter than Mars and you have to hide in A/C comfort all day lest you get your lungs seared and your eyebrows burned off by stepping outside.

Anyway, weather here is crazy at times. Just the other day it was 60 degrees and blue skies, then yesterday, it was rainy and cloudy and then beautiful sunshine. All day it kept up with this pattern of rain and yuck and then sunshine. Until...

Old Man Winter and Sweet Spring had an argument in the weather room. They played rock paper scissors to decide and Old Man Winter won.

These really weird, misty-like clouds came over Clarkston, and the wind was blowing the rain sideways. Rain turned to hail and a lot of it! And then, just like that, the wind stopped and it was lightly raining. I was at my friend/hairdresser's getting one of my girls' haircut and as we drove home (a mile away, up a hill) the rain changed into snow. For two hours it snowed HUGE beautiful flakes. I really couldn't be mad at OMWinter because he was reminding us how beautiful his work can be. We got about a half inch of snow, completely covering the ground.

Today, it's bright sunshine, just bouncing off the snow and sparkling on the early spring flowers that had dared to come up. I know all the snow will be melted and gone by afternoon, but how I loved OMWinter's last hurrah. Now it's time for spring. I can say goodbye to the snow for now, and welcome Spring and daffodils.

After I take another long look at the snow and thank God for little surprises.

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Kristi O said...

I am ready for old man winter and the weather man to make a deal and make the sun shine a little more. I am tired of boots and ready for fun!