Sunday, April 5, 2009

Basement Remodel

The basement remodel is almost finished! I plan on posting some before, during, and after photos here soon for those of you who have been wondering how it has been going.

I am feverishly painting the trim this weekend, to put up on Monday. The color is "nutmeg" and I thought it was darker. When I started painting it on, I was actually relieved because I was second-guessing my color choice. Oh, if you know me at all, you know that I have a hard time making decisions of the permanent type. Ugh! First how to design the space efficiently; then paint color(s), light fixtures, carpet and vinyl... I nearly had a mental breakdown! I asked a good friend for help at the last minute, and she wasn't available because I asked... at the last minute!

I finally settled on a paint color for the walls, only to find later, that I need to choose a paint color for the doors and trim. If Phil had his way it would all be WHITE. Thankfully, I get my way: a case of anxiety over choosing three different colors. YIPPEE! Once that was finished, I had to find a vinyl flooring for the bathroom. EEK (have you noticed I have a love of onomatopeia? Can you believe that onomatopeia was a bonus spelling word for Rachel, who is in 3rd Grade?!?!) Anyway, I wanted to choose a vinyl pattern that didn't look like Corelle dishes from the 1970s and would not clash with either my carpet (which was only half decided on) and the vanity I had chosen. UGH So I picked out the vinyl, and chose the carpet hoping they would go with my new paint colors... Thankfully all the flooring and paint (and bathroom vanity) have worked really well together!!

The plumber is coming Monday or Tuesday to install the toilet, finish the shower, and connect the faucet in the sink.

After that, we only have the trim to install as well as closet organization system and doors. Unfortunately, this project has eaten up so much money that we have to wait to purchase new furniture for the girls! They are so excited though, that I think they would be happy to sleep on the floor in sleeping bags rather than waiting for new furniture before moving in!

Photos to come soon. I have to stop avoiding and get to painting the trim!

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Kim said...

Can't wait to see pics! The end result is always worth the wait and the work!