Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dear Blog:

Oh blog, dearest blog, I have not forgotten about you. Yes, I have been reading other blogs; but it's not cheating unless I twitter, follow, or subscribe!

I would blog more often, but I just can't think of anything to say, write, or wish to publicize in all my stupidity... Some of these people can really write! And man, are they funny!

Besides that, I don't know how to play "tag" or post awards or even photos for that matter. I need "Blogging for Dummies." I need a million bucks. I need a nap. So far, I am 0 for 3.

So thanks to Merrie for my beautiful award... if I knew how to post it, I would. And thanks for those of you who "tagged" me, I don't know how to play. And for those of you who are so masterful at posting photos... I read your blogs and pretend the photos you post are really my life, since I can't figure out how to post photos of my own. (I swear, I am not stalking you... besides, it's not stalking if you post the photos for all to see!)

I know I have some things I really want to blog about, but they are just ramblings at this stage. When I can give birth to full thoughts, I will write them out. For now, I am still gestating (is that a word?).

I think I better go to bed now. This post is getting weirder by the moment. But you know what? I love you blog... because I can express my freaky weird self and still you love me; you wait ever so patiently for me to come and post another freaky weird blog entry.

See you again soon, blog. By the way, blog, you need a name. You have a title, but not really a name. I think I will name you: ???


debbi lynn said...

You are so funny!
Why haven't you blogged about your retreat???

Merrie said...

I know what you mean -- lately I can't think of anything worth posting about, or at least I'm not inspired. Gotta work on that! I enjoy yours!