Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Too Busy Tuesday

Ahhh. I am sitting at my desk and relishing the quiet I hear. I have been busy today running around town with my BFF Amber, buying furniture for her new apartment. It is small, but cute. I remember how fun and exciting it was to move into a new place and begin the process of making it "home." I am enjoying sharing the excitement with her.

I didn't get a darn thing done around the house today, but I did manage to get myself to the gym and get a half-hearted workout in. I have been really lethargic lately (if you came to my house you would see what I mean). I have piles of stuff to get done in the office, but I just haven't. Why? Simply put, I don't want to. I have a good book I have been reading but I will probably finish it tonight. That means I will have no excuse but to get started on the "piles" but I am sure I can think of something else to focus on!

I don't really have the inspiration to post today either. I think I am done now. So, until another day, enjoy life!

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