Sunday, February 19, 2012

In the middle, a thought to ponder

Many times my posts on this blog have been about changes in my life. I am not a person who likes change or welcomes it when its not my idea. However, if I initiate the change, I tend to like it. If someone else initiates change that I would have initiated, but they got to it first, I have to pretend I don't like it for a short time before stretching a grin from ear to ear and delving right into it.

That said, I have been experiencing a lot of change in the past 8 months. I have re-enrolled in college; I have learned to say "no" instead of "yes" in order to please others - at the expense of friendships; I have learned to stand for what I believe in, with the ability to challenge that belief if necessary - also at the expense of friendships. God is redefining who I am and what is important in my life. I like what He is doing... which is great because I believe we are truly happy and satisfied in life when we are going with His flow and not against it with our own agendas and ideas. Something to ponder...

I am currently in my second semester of my first year back to college. My goal is to complete my Bachelor's degree in Justice Studies at Lewis-Clark State College with a graduation date of May 2013. So far I like it, in fact I even have an A in my math class. That is a huge accomplishment, as Math and I don't generally get along. I have the same instructor (on purpose) as I did the last time I took a math class at LCSC and I truly believe he has a gift of making math make sense. Besides, he has a sense of humor that quite matches my husband's and that makes our class much easier to tolerate. :)

I am also beginning a new journey into lifestyle change. This time last year I was gung-ho about an eating plan called Greysheet. It worked well for me, for 6 weeks, and then I just couldn't do it any longer. God helped me realize over the past year that an eating plan alone won't help me lose weight, keep it off, and solve my body-image issues. I am seeing a counselor (for other "issues") and I told her that I would really like to get to the root causes of my eating problems. She agreed that that was a smart route to take, so she suggested reading a book called The Solution. As soon as I was able to purchase it I started reading. I am really connecting with this book; I wrote 7 pages in my journal as I read the first 18 pages in the book! I feel God orchestrated the events that led to me finally reading this book at this particular time in my life. I know that I am going to be successful, because I will not shame myself - I will not deprive myself - and I will not fail because I will pull the roots out that continually produce rotten fruit.

I am looking forward to succeeding in my academic, personal, family, and social aspects of my life this year. God has planned great things for me in 2012!

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