Tuesday, October 13, 2009

No News is Good News (or something like that)

Hi all. Not posting for a while really puts the pressure on to post something fabulous. This will not be a fabulous post. Just so you know.

Grandma died a bit over a week ago. I am the estate executor and personal representative for her assets. Big words that mean I have a big job on my hands. I have already been to Oregon twice in a week. Lots of driving. Lots of stressing out because there is so much to do. And lots of pressure from family regarding Grandma's memorial service and burial (and her money...). Unfortunately, Grandma's paperwork was not filed neatly with detailed instructions on what to do. So I am making decisions and making family members frustrated with me. It's only by God's grace that I am staying strong and keeping good boundaries.

It looks like I am heading back to Oregon again this week. Finishing up with getting personal items taken care of and making a trip to California to deliver some of her stuff to the people she promised it to. Then, hopefully, I will get a visit in with my grandpa and step-grandma (she isn't doing too well health-wise) and then stop by my sister's on my way back home. A big loop, quite a bit of driving (but I'm used to that) but looking forward to being home and getting more of this paperwork taken care of. Prayers for wisdom, focus and motivation are much needed and much appreciated.

Until next time...

I'm "on the road again"

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