Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Little Bit Sad

I am sad. A friend of mine, Andrea, is moving tomorrow to Missoula Montana. She is part of a team that is planting a church there. I am excited for them, but it makes me sad to see her go.

Another friend, Jamie, had a close friend pass away suddenly. It was her dog, and she blogged about him often. Though I never had the pleasure of visiting with him, I felt like I knew him through her posts. It always hurts to have a friend pass on. It reminds me of the many times I have lost my doggie friends. So I am thinking of Jamie tonight as well.

Other than that, I am a little sad because I thought I had been doing better with my eating habits and exercise and so I went ahead and weighed myself. YIKES. I really did think I had lost a pound or two, literally. NOPE I gained a few. It makes me very discouraged. Will I be chubby forever? I know it is affecting my health but I can't seem to break through. This is one of those times when I just want to give up (and go eat a Snickers bar).

What do you do when you are discouraged? I have tried "willpower" (aka "trying harder") and Weight Watchers. Neither are things I can stick with. Any ideas are welcomed... :o)


Jamie said...

That was very nice. Thanks sooo much. I have been really down lately..that put a smile on my face. I have been getting the short end of the stick it seems lately!

Kristi O said...

Hi friend! I am missing you. Come down and scrapbook with me. Heck come up next Saturday and sit with Jamie and I and scrapbook for the day. You need some girl power to encourage you and love on you. We will have to plan a girls weekend in Missoula! Are you in?

Andrea said...

A girls weekend in Missoula would be great. I am missing everyone! Thanks for the nice post! You and Phil and the girls are welcome to come visit anytime! Our home is always open! We are busy meeting neighbors and our kids have met several new friends. I made it through a whole day (yesterday) without crying but then found myself tearing up as I read blogs this evening! I know God will bring new friends in time and hopefully the old ones will stay in touch (hint, hint!)