Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Night to Remember

So my oldest girls had their first ballet recital last night. I was so proud because they are both 12 years old and this is their first year of dance. No, I am not the "good mom" who puts her kids in dance shoes as they pop out of the womb. The idea just never occurred to me. Had I thought of it though, I might have considered it. (BTW: they are not twins, one is the blessing of marriage (stepdaughter), and one is a biological blessing (my baby).)

Anyway, Emily and Melanie were put in Ballet 3 this year even though they hadn't taken dance. It was a challenge for them and they performed beautifully. Unfortunately, their names were left out of the program! Mistakes happen and this is just another opportunity to show grace. But the being the mama bear that I am, I am having a hard time with it. My girls were dissapointed, but got over it pretty quick. On the other hand, every time I think of it, I get upset. Their first recital... Which brings me back to reality. It was about the girls, their chance to show what they have learned. I must say, I was so proud to see both of them up there, smiling and having a great time! The entire performance was amazing! The teachers are so gifted and they share their ability with our kids. All of us are so blessed to have such gifted teachers and a dance school that strives to promote worship and love for God above all else. Shelleigh Beeson is the school director. She was Em and Melle's teacher for 5th grade last year at Cornerstone Christian School. We adore Mrs. Beeson. (Her husband is pretty entertaining too. You should see him bust a move!)

Thanks go out to Patty Offt who did the girls' hair for us. Patty is our regular hairdresser, however, she had a skiing accident in March and is not really able to do hair regularly right now. She was able, thankfully, to put the girls' hair in quick buns while I did their makeup. WOW. I don't think we should be encouraging the wearing of makeup for a long time, if ever. My girls are beautiful, but makeup makes them stunning. At least I think so. Seriously, we will need to keep a bat or a shotgun by the door to scare off all the boys who will come calling!

Melle's close friends from school also came to watch and Emily's mom and her friend also came to congratulate her at the end. I intend to buy the DVD so we can all relive this night to remember! (Photos to be added later.)

I am proud of you ladies! It will be hard to top this performance next year, but I am sure you will be able to do it. You both are stars in my eyes and keep me looking up! I love you both very much.

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Kristi O said...

I remember my daughters first recital. I am so sorry about the names, that has happened to us as well. I am praying for your girls and your family, I know God knows your heart. He is on your side. Hang in there and blessings!